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A reducer is a component in a piping system that changes the pipe size from a larger to a smaller bore.
A reducer allows for a change in pipe size to meet flow requirements or to adapt to existing piping. The length of the reduction is usually equal to the average of the larger and smaller pipe diameters. Reducers are typically concentric, but eccentric reducers can be used to maintain the same top-of-pipe or bottom-of-pipe level.

Carbon Steel Buttweld
Carbon Steel Buttweld Reducers conform to ASTM A234.
Stocked in sizes from (1.50" X 1.00") to (12" X 10").
Concentric and Eccentric Carbon Steel Buttweld Reducers are available from stock.
Both schedule standard (STD) and extra heavy (XH) are stocked.

Stainless Buttweld
Stainless Buttweld Reducers conform to ASTM A403.
Stocked in sizes from (1.50" X 1.00") to (6" X 4").
Both Standard (STD) and Schedule 10 are stocked.
Stainless Buttweld Reducers are available in grades 304L and 316L (L=low carbon).

Forged Steel
Forged Steel Reducers conform to ASTM A105 and ASME SA105.
Stocked in sizes from (3/8" X 1/4") to (4" X 3").
Both Socket Weld and Threaded Forged Steel Reducers are stocked.
Forged Steel Reducing Couplings and Inserts are both available.

Cast Stainless
Cast Stainless Threaded Reducers are stocked in sizes from (1/2" X 1/4") to (4" X 3").
Available in grades 304 and 316.

Malleable Iron
Malleable Iron Reducing Couplings are available in both black and galvanized finishes.
Stocked in sizes from (1/4" X 1/8") to (6" X 4").

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