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Pipeline & Petrochemical

Saudi Arabia Gas Pipeline

Project introduction:The construction of 24" x 47 km and 20"x 8,5 km, high pressure (600 psig), gas pipeline system in the Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia

Mero Pipeline Project in Czech

Project introduction:the owner and operator of the Czech section of the Družba crude oil pipeline and the IKL crude oil pipeline, is the only transporter of crude oil into the

Simdes Transportation Project in France

Project introduction:for professionals from all sectors of the industry. Created in 2000, the company aims to provide industry professionals with efficient tools to help them

Pipeline Bolivia Project

Project introduction:offering services of management and control of projects, technical audits and conceptual, basic and detailed industrial companies in general engineering a

Pipeline Oman Project

Project introduction:serve and supply multiple industries including but not limited to oil and gas, drilling, mining, construction, and power plant.

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