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Wherever you are located, Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd can provide a long term, cost effective solution, to suit your needs. In coordination with our overseas agents located worldwide we can provide constant assistance throughout a project. 

Requirements of becoming a oversea agents

a. Has certain experience of steel related industry

have a good network and good contacts.  A agents who have established contacts in steel pipe field. While this does cut us out of the process to some extent, we can ensure that we remain part of some key processes and even attend important meetings in person. Recruiting an overseas agent does not mean that we just let them get on with it. We will need to stay involved and this should include building relationships with important customers over time.

b. Research around before choosing a agent

It"s very important to undertake due diligence before signing up an overseas agent. Besides, Other important things to take into consideration are the spread and experience of the agent"s sales force and the agent"s ability to provide an after sales service if required.

c. It"s important that a agent loves our product

Love of the product definitely helps in all ways. I believe when you do have a product that the agent really feels is something they enjoy selling and talking about, half the job is done. 

d. Knowledge of the geographical distribution and network structure in local

Having good knowledge of the local distribution and network. Good agents should be able to assist you in your expanding program and give you the benefit of their local knowledge.

Conditions as a agent

1.History with other customers
2.Relevant product or service knowledge
3.Management capability
5.Product or service mix 
6.Distribution network
7.Sales capability
8.Location and facilities 

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