Difference between industrial welded pipes and decorative pipes

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Differences in concepts and uses of industrial welded pipes and decorative pipes:

Industrial welded pipe is a kind of steel pipe that is formed by coiling steel plates or steel strips and connected by automatic or manual welding into square, rectangular, circular or other cross-sectional shapes. It is mainly used in machinery, manufacturing, construction and other fields. .

Decorative pipes are steel pipes with good surface effects that are mainly used in interior decoration, furniture manufacturing and other industries. Their main function is to beautify the decoration and home environment.

Differences in use:

The main purpose of industrial welded pipes is to transport fluids, gases and solid powders, such as oil, natural gas, water, chemicals, etc. Since these pipes need to withstand high pressure and load, the thickness and strength of industrial welded pipes are relatively high, and they have good corrosion resistance and shockproof performance.

Galvanized welded pipe

Decorative welded pipes are mainly used in fields such as architectural decoration and indoor furniture. Since these welded pipes are mainly used for decoration and construction, their appearance design is more beautiful and diversified. They generally adopt color coating or brushed surface treatment, and are very suitable for use in indoor furniture and other fields.

Appearance and surface treatment differences:
Due to different uses, there are big differences in surface treatment and appearance between industrial welded pipes and decorative pipes. Industrial welded pipes generally have a rough appearance, without special surface treatment, and a relatively simple appearance design, usually black or gray, with a high surface finish.

Decorative tubes have high requirements on surface gloss and processing technology. They are usually sprayed, electroplated, polished and other treatments. The appearance is smooth and often has a metallic texture. Various colors and styles can be customized according to needs, and the appearance design is more diversified, and can be used in indoor decoration, garden fences and other fields.

Differences in processing technology:

Since industrial welded pipes need to withstand high pressure and load, the welding process requirements are high, and they are usually produced by high-frequency straight seam welding or double-sided submerged arc welding.

The processing technology of decorative welded pipes is usually made by cold rolling, shearing and bending, and there is no need to consider higher pressure and load issues during the processing. Industrial welded pipes are mainly long pipes, most of which are 6 meters in length and relatively large in diameter; while decorative pipes are mostly made of small diameter and thin wall thickness, which is convenient for production and processing, and can be shaped and processed into various curves.

In summary, although industrial welded pipes and decorative welded pipes are both steel pipes made through welding processes, their uses and characteristics are different. If you need to choose welded pipes for industrial transmission pipes, then industrial welded pipes are your first choice; and if you need to choose them for interior decoration and construction, then decorative welded pipes are a better choice.

Tips: ASTM A53 covers seamless pipe and welded pipe with nominal wall thickness. The surface condition is usually black and hot-dipped galvanized. ASTM A53 is produced mainly for pressure and mechanical applications, and is also used for transport of steam, water, gas line pipes.

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