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ERW Steel Pipe

Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd is well equipped and masters advanced workshop and technology. The HFW 426 weld pipe mill has introduced today’s world-class petroleum steel pipes manufacturing technolgy and equipment, including the forming
machine and milling saw from Janpanese KUSAKABE Company, the solid state high frequency welder from Norwegian EFD Company, the servo motor from German SIEMENS Company, and other equipment is manufactured by farmous factories at home.The products include: oil castings meeting the United States API 5CT Standard for thesteel grae of H40, J55, K55, N80 and L80 as well as oil and natural gas pipelines satisfying the United States API 5L Standard for the steel grade of X80 and below and the ASTM A53 Standard, German DIN 17100 Standard, GB/T9711.1-1997.

Precious Leveling Machine
The machine adopts pneumatic clamp connection dovetail clamping plate, clamp easy to move, reduce the bending deformation of the material, reducing processing dead zone, a large selection of high-precision servo motor torque, long life, high precision drive, through the machine after leveling can be corrected material to bend up and down or flat.

Pinching Machine
Pinching machines, including machines, rails, fixed clamping block, activities clamping block and cylinder; the machine table surface provided with the rail and the fixed clamping block the rail in close proximity to one end of the stationary clamping block.

Edger Roll Machine
A horizontal strip accumulator for metal strip includes a looper car which is moveable along a travel path at at least one swivel gate which is moveable, when the looper car is moved, by the looper car between a starting position and an end position. For moving the swivel gate, the looper car acts on an actuating element which is connected with the swivel gate through a four-gear mechanism with two swivels.

Plate Shear
Shears with a blade relative to the other reciprocating linear motion of the shear blade for sheet metal machine. Is in motion by the blade and the fixed lower blade, using reasonable blade clearance, applying a shearing force on the sheet metal of various thicknesses, the sheet material separated by the desired size of the fracture.

Slitting shears
Slitting shears is widely used for longitudinal shear thickness less than 20-30mm steel and thin strip. Because the blade is rotating disk, which can cut a moving continuous longitudinal steel or steel.

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