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SSAW Steel Pipe

We have six spiral pipe production lines have introduced into the international advanced technique design and manufacturing,each of them is outfitted with the whole set equipment from uncoiling to pipe indpection,packing and then Ex-work,including un coiler, leve ling ma chine , fly welding machine ,plasma cutting machine,pipe end grinding machine.hydrostatic testing machine,beveling machine, end expander, ultrasonic inspector for pipe body and weld seam,highly clear X-ray image inspection system and so on.

Edge Planing Machine
Planing machine, which is made mounts, active seats, conveying, pneumatic platen mechanism, screw drive mechanism and knife mechanism, compressed air station, hydraulic station and electric control system, etc., screw drive mechanism
are mounted on a fixed activities within the seat and seat.

Edge Milling Machine
Milling Machine planing machine as an alternative to products with high efficiency,high precision, low power consumption advantages. For beveling various shapes carbon steel plates are particularly suitable. General 5-40mm thickness, 15-50 degrees arbitrary regulation.

Pipe Cutting Machine
Automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically clamp the material, feed, feeding, size setting, stop and work a set number of metering unctions.

Butt Welding Machine
Also called current welder welder or resistance butt welding. By a resistance between the two contact surfaces of the workpiece, by a low voltage high current moment, the contact surface of two mutually abutting metal instantaneous heating to melt and fuse.

Pinching Machines
Pinching machines,including machines,rails,fixed clamping block,activities clamping block and cylinder;the machine table surface provided with the rail and the fixed clamping block the rail in close proximity to one end of the stationary clamping block.

Hydraulic Test Machine
Hydraulic test machine is a sewing after the equipment. Equipped with automatic gas booster pump gas drive, you can easily achieve the output pressure is adjustable and controllable. Advanced technology, reasonable structure design. With small size, light weight, looks nice features.

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