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ERW Steel Pipe

ERW steel pipe is formed from hot-rolled coil produced in steel mill. All the incoming coils are verified based on the test certificate received from steel mill for their chemistry and mechanical properties.The forming stage of ERW pipe begins with a single-width strip. The width of strip is roughly equal to the perimeter of the pipe to be produced. The edges of coil are sheared to pre-specified widths in slitting line.The process involves uncoiling & leveling of coils and processing the same. The lead end of each coil is squared by shearing operation for threading into the mill. Then this end is joined with coil end of outgoing coil to maintain continuity in production and reduce losses.

Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd is well equipped and masters advanced workshop and technology. The HFW 426 weld pipe mill has introduced today’s world-class petroleum steel pipes manufacturing technolgy and equipment, including the forming
machine and milling saw from Janpanese KUSAKABE Company, the solid state high frequency welder from Norwegian EFD Company, the servo motor from German SIEMENS Company, and other equipment is manufactured by farmous factories at home.The products include: oil castings meeting the United States API 5CT Standard for thesteel grae of H40, J55, K55, N80 and L80 as well as oil and natural gas pipelines satisfying the United States API 5L Standard for the steel grade of X80 and below and the ASTM A53 Standard, German DIN 17100 Standard, GB/T9711.1-1997.

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