The development direction of spiral welded pipe

Keywords: spiral welded pipe
Due to the increasing bearing pressure of the pipeline, the use conditions are becoming more and more severe, and the service life of the pipeline should be extended as much as possible. In order to improve competitiveness, carbon steel pipe manufacturers should research and innovate in what aspects, and what are the main development directions of spiral welded pipes?

(1) Production of large diameter thick-walled pipes to improve pressure resistance;
(2) Design and produce steel pipes with new structures, such as double-layer spiral welded pipes, that is, double-layer pipes are welded with strip steel with half the thickness of the pipe wall, which not only has higher strength than single-layer pipes of the same thickness, but also does not appear brittle failure;
(3) Develop new steel grades, improve the technical level of smelting technology, and widely use controlled rolling and post-rolling residual heat treatment technology to continuously improve the strength, toughness and welding performance of the pipe body;

(4) Vigorously develop coated pipes, such as coating the inner wall of the pipe with an anti-corrosion layer, which can not only prolong the service life, but also improve the smoothness of the inner wall, reduce fluid friction resistance, reduce wax accumulation and dirt, reduce pigging times, and reduce maintenance cost.

The spiral pipe plays a great role in conveying gas and transportation. With the planning and construction of a number of major pipeline projects at home and abroad, high value-added products such as large-deformation pipeline steel, high-strength hot-simmering elbows, and thick-specification low-temperature pipe fittings have shown good market competitiveness and large market demand. However, domestic enterprises are relatively slow in developing this series of products. They should develop high-value-added large-deformation pipeline steel, steel for hot simmering and bending, steel for low-temperature pipe fittings for pipeline stations, and X100 straight seam suitable for industrial applications as soon as possible. Submerged arc welded pipe, spiral seam submerged arc welded pipe and hot simmered spiral welded pipe.