Uses of spiral welded pipe

Keywords:spiral welded pipe
1. In agricultural engineering, spiral welded pipe also plays a certain role. Irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drain pipes, etc., help farmers uncles save a lot of effort.
2. In the process of transporting petroleum, spiral welded pipe is used as a conveying pipe.
3. The spiral steel pipe application industry for sewage discharge is used in coal mines, power plants, sewage disposal, fire protection, petroleum, municipal engineering, chemical industry, and highway products.
4. In the city establishment, spiral welded steel pipes are used for high-rise construction of water supply, heating network heating, water supply engineering, gas transportation, underground water transportation, etc., and have made many contributions to the municipal establishment.
5. In the coal mine project, the spiral welded steel pipe mainly serves as the pipe network for underground coal supply and drainage, underground shotcrete, positive and negative pressure ventilation, pumping, fire sprinkling and so on.
6. In the power plant, the spiral welded steel pipe is mainly used as the process water waste slag and the return water supply pipeline of the thermal power plant.
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