How to detect A106B American standard seamless pipe NPT threaded thread link

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A106B American standard seamless pipe split thread link is divided into coupling thread inspection and pipe thread inspection.

1.A106B American standard seamless pipe coupling thread inspection
After the processing of the coupling wire, the individual parameters of the internal taper, the internal pitch, the thread height and the concentricity shall be inspected, and the tight gauge and the comprehensive parameters shall be inspected by the thread plug gauge and the incompletely shaped single plug. In addition, manual inspection of the thread surface by API standards is required.

2.A106B American standard seamless pipe body thread inspection
After the pipe body wire, the external taper, outer pitch and thread height should be inspected. The thread angle microscope should be used to check the thread angle. The thread ring gauge and the smooth ring gauge are used to check the tight distance and the comprehensive parameters. In addition, it is necessary to The threaded surface is inspected as required by the API standard. After the machine is screwed, the screwed casing collar is inspected with a plug gauge and a partial plug.Before the package is put into storage, the end of the coupling on the review table is inspected with a threaded plug gauge and a non-full-shaped single-head plug gauge. The external threaded male buckle is inspected with a thread ring gauge and a gloss gauge. In the actual inspection work, the tight distance value is a comprehensive parameter. After the single-parameter inspection is passed, the tight distance is likely to pass. When the tight distance is unqualified, the unqualified single parameter should be found first, and then the reason for the parameter is solved.
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