Requirements for the mill certificate of seamless tube

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Requirements for the mill certificate of seamless tube
1. Each batch of delivered seamless tubes shall be accompanied by a quality certificate proving that the batch of steel pipes meets the requirements of the order contract and product standards.

2. The quality certificate shall be stamped by the quality supervision department of the manufacturer or by the designated person in charge.

3. The mill certificate shall include the following:
a) The name of the manufacturer;
b) The name of the buyer;
c) The contract number;
d) Product standard number;
e) The grade of the steel;
f) Furnace number, batch number, delivery status, weight, number of roots (or number of pieces);
g) The name, specification and quality level of the variety;
h) The test results (including reference performance indicators) specified in the product standard;
i) Marked by the technical quality supervision department;
j) Quality certification bookmark date or delivery date.
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