How to guarantee the quality of erw steel pipe

Keywords:quality of erw steel pipe
The advantage of this erw steel pipe processing technology is that there is a heat treatment process after welding, eliminating the residual stress in the weld and heat-affected zone, refining the grain, the heat affected zone of the weld is small, and the heating speed is fast, thus greatly improving the welding speed and weld quality, and can be used as blanks without pickling, shot peening and trimming. At the same time, alloy steel, high alloy steel and non-ferrous metal pipes can be welded to greatly reduce the unit power consumption. A set of welding equipment can be used to produce each.

However, for erw steel pipe units, the larger the diameter, the more limited the strip weight and wall thickness of the strip steel. The storage equipment is limited by the spiral looper. In addition, the erw steel pipe unit has a higher line speed and is buried. The arc welded pipe speed is generally 3m/min, which does not match each other. Therefore, erw steel pipe units need to fully utilize and expand their own advantages in order to improve product quality and develop new products.

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