Method of seamless casing

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At present, many oil companies are maintaining the seamless casing of oil and do not allow the use of the hardbanding. Many drilling companies have thought of many ways to remove the carbonized tungsten-removing hardband of the drill pipe. During the process of hardbanding welding, Due to various reasons, the quality of the hardbanding was inevitably unsatisfactory, and it was necessary to re-weld. The previous measures were to stop the grinding of the portable grinder, which was time consuming and inefficient. In order to safeguard the professional and technical personnel to stop the analysis and discussion, the drill rod hardband automatic removal equipment was finally developed. During the operation process, only the power supply needs to be closed, the drill pipe is turned into the drill rod transmission line, and the transmission line is automatically started under the editing sequence. When the drill pipe is in place, the transmission line is stopped and the cylinder automatically places the transmission line. The control button is used to tighten the task with the electric chuck. Under the sequence control, the switch is started in order and the air supply, cooling water supply, and axial movement are tightened. Radial movement, after the end of cutting is completed, under the programmable control, tighten the air supply, the cooling water supply to the extent of axial movement, radial shift to stop and automatically reset, is the transmission line against the drill rod out, after the cylinder automatically Turning the drill rod out, and automatically controlling the process in good condition, the use of this equipment will greatly improve the quality of the drill rod hardband removal and aggravate the worker's workload.

Seamless casing is an important equipment for oil drilling, as well as other equipment drill pipes, core pipes and casings, drilling borings, and small-diameter drilling oil casing, etc., which are in the course of drilling and drilling of oil wells and after completion. The support of the borehole wall ensures that the well is fully operational after the drilling process is stopped and completed. So deal with oil drilling to remove the hard-wearing drill pipe problems, deal with the performance of drill belt joints when the outer wear belt is very hard to remove, the operation is complex and safe, the automation level is high, the joint efficiency is high, and the cut is clean. For a wide range of pipe diameters, music tone is small, and the use of oil casing does not purify the environment, device debugging is also very convenient.
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