Notes of ERW Carbon Steel Pipe

Keywords:erw carbon steel pipe
Notes of erw carbon steel pipe in winter:
erw carbon steel pipe
First, when positioning welding to increase the welding current, slow down the welding speed, the appropriate increase in the positioning of the cross-sectional area and length, if necessary, preheat.
Second, the slope should not be outside the base material on the arc, arc to fill the need to fill the crater.
Third, as far as possible in the low temperature conditions for bending, correction and assembly of welding parts.
Fourth, preheating before welding, welding process to strictly maintain the interlayer temperature should not be lower than the preheating temperature.
Fifth, the use of low hydrogen or ultra-low hydrogen welding materials.
Sixth, the entire weld should be continuous continuous welding, to avoid interruption.

According to the specific temperature adjustment of the thickness of the pipe, the actual application of practical operation.