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Middle East

Saudi Arabia Gas Pipeline

Project introduction:The construction of 24" x 47 km and 20"x 8,5 km, high pressure (600 psig), gas pipeline system in the Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia

Pipeline Oman Project

Project introduction:serve and supply multiple industries including but not limited to oil and gas, drilling, mining, construction, and power plant.

Galfar Structures Project in Oman

Project introduction:Roads and Bridges Unit has successfully completed construction/rehabilitation of over 1500 kms of roads in Oman. This Unit has proven capability of undert

Britannic Water Treatment Company W.L.L.in Qatar

Project introduction:is known to treat any kind of water such as sea water , bore well/brackish water, Municipal water, grey water, sewage water, industrial effluents etc..&nb

CC Energy Development S.A.L. in Oman

Project introduction:exploration & production experience in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry both as an operating partner and non-operating co-venturer in par

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