Site Acceptance Requirements of ASTM A106 Seamless Steel Pipe

Keywords:A106 seamless steel pipe
ASTM A106 seamless steel pipes should be checked and accepted in batches in accordance with the current national standards. Each batch of ASTM A106 seamless steel pipes should be of the same specification, heat number, and heat treatment conditions. The quality certificate of the pipe should include the following: product standard number, steel grade, furnace batch number, delivery status, quality (or number of pieces) and number of pieces, variety name, specification and quality grade, and various inspections specified in the product standard results (including reference indicators), the imprint of the technical supervision department, etc.

When the outer diameter of ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe is greater than or equal to 36mm, there should be a mark, which should include the steel brand, product specification, product standard number and supplier's mark or registered trademark. When the outer diameter of the A106 seamless steel pipe is less than 36mm and is supplied in bundles, there should be a sign indicating the supplier’s mark or registered trademark, steel grade and heat number (except for those that are not specified in the product standard for delivery by heat number) , Batch number, contract number, product specification, product standard number, quality or number, date of manufacture and imprint of the supplier’s supervision department.

If the steel number and furnace number of the delivered pipe do not match the certificate or there are objections to the characteristic data, the supplier shall verify it according to the corresponding standard or trace it back to the product manufacturer. Before the objection is over, the batch of tubes shall not be used.