Cold drawn erw pipe

Keywords:cold drawn erw pipe
Cold drawn erw pipe, which is one of the best choices for the production of multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. Its process is the same as that of precision seamless pipe cold drawing. It is precision drawn by precision resistance welding (ERW) and manufactured with EN. 10305-2 EU mechanical cold drawn carbon steel welded pipe standard.

After the electric resistance welded pipe is welded, the whole pipe body is normalized to ensure the homogeneity of the weld and the heat affected zone with the rest of the metallographic structure and mechanical properties; cold drawing and subsequent heat treatment (eliminating internal stress) and the steel pipe have good dimensions. And mechanical properties.

After the welded steel pipe is processed by cold drawing and deep processing, a high-quality steel pipe with small dimensional tolerance and good mechanical properties is obtained.

In addition, cold drawn welded pipes have significant advantages over cold drawn seamless pipes in terms of initial cost and reduced machine tool processing costs.

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