ERW steel pipe production process depends mainly on product variety

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The erw steel pipe production process requires a series of processes from raw materials to finished products. To complete these processes, various mechanical equipments and welding, electrical control and testing devices are required. These devices and devices have various rational arrangements according to different process requirements. EWR steel pipe typical process: unwinding - stripping leveling - head and tail shearing - strip butt welding - looper storage - forming - welding - cleaning burrs - sizing - flaw detection - fly cut - initial inspection - steel pipe straightening ― pipe section processing - hydraulic test - flaw detection - printing and coating - finished products.

High-frequency welding is a type of welding method in which the resistance of the high-frequency current flowing through the continuous contact surface of the workpiece is heated by the electric resistance and the forging force is applied to realize the mutual connection between the workpiece metals. It is similar to ordinary resistance welding, but there are many important differences.

High-frequency welding has been used in carbon steel welded pipe production for more than 40 years. High-frequency welding has a large power supply, and can achieve a higher welding speed for steel pipes of different materials, calibers and wall thicknesses (more than 10 times higher than the highest welding speed of argon arc welding). Therefore, high-frequency welding produces general-purpose steel pipes with high productivity because high-frequency welding speeds are high, which makes it difficult to remove burrs in the welded pipe. This is why high-frequency welded steel pipes are still not accepted by the chemical industry and the nuclear industry. one. From the perspective of welding materials, high-frequency welding can weld various types of steel pipes.
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