Fillet weld joints

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Fillet weld joints are a type of weld joint. The fatigue damage has local characteristics. Based on the basic idea of the stress field strength method, through the analysis of the field diameter of the diagonal welded joint, the elastoplastic finite element calculation of the stress concentration area of the flange fillet joint and the numerical solution of the stress field strength The local stress field strength at the weld toe region of the joint was obtained.

1. There are only two types of welds: 1. Butt welds; 2. Fillet welds
2. There are five kinds of joints: one, butt joint, two, T-type joint (cross joint), three, corner joint, four, lock bottom joint, five, lap joint;

Fillet joints are not necessarily fillet welds. If the fillet joint is opened, the full penetration is called the butt weld of the fillet joint; if the fillet is not opened, the fillet joint is not called the fillet weld.
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