Steel flower pipe vs steel pipe

Keywords:steel flower pipe, steel pipe
The steel flower pipe is made of a lot of small eyes on the basis of the steel pipe. Its main function is grouting. Generally, it is widely used in the construction of the project. For the steel flower tube, its grouting effect. It is better.

Steel pipe is a kind of steel, not only used in engineering, but also used in building materials and machinery. The type and model of steel pipe are much more than steel pipe, and the function is more than steel pipe. The production process is more complicated, and the use is relatively straightforward. The technical performance required is higher and generally cannot be satisfied.

The difference between the steel flower pipe and the steel pipe is relatively large and should be distinguished in use.

Steel flower pipe conventional specifications: Φ42mm, Φ48mm, Φ50mm, Φ60mm, Φ89mm, Φ108mm. Can be customized according to special requirements.

Steel flower pipe construction process: a. Measure the pile position, drill with the drill, and clear the hole; b. Insert the steel tube body into the hole, press the cement slurry into the steel tube through the pressure drop joint; c. until pressure occurs It rises sharply and fills the rock hole, quickly blocking the slurry seal.

The application range of steel flower pipe is suitable for rock formation with weak and broken rock mass and joint fissure development, and the construction and anchoring effect are better.

Steel pipes have a hollow section and are much longer than steel with a diameter or circumference. According to the cross-sectional shape, it is divided into round, square, rectangular and special-shaped steel pipes; It is divided into carbon structural steel pipe, low-alloy structural steel pipe, alloy steel pipe and composite steel pipe according to the material; It is divided into conveying pipeline and engineering structure according to the purpose. Thermal equipment, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, geological drilling, high-pressure equipment steel pipe, etc.; According to the production process is divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, of which seamless steel pipe is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling (pull) two kinds of welded steel pipes are divided into straight seam welded steel pipes and spiral seam welded steel pipes.

Steel pipes are not only used to transport fluids and powdered solids, exchange heat, manufacture mechanical parts and containers, but are also an economical steel. The use of steel pipes to manufacture building structure grids, pillars and mechanical supports can reduce weight, save 20-40% of metal, and realize mechanized construction. The use of steel pipes to manufacture highway bridges not only saves steel and simplifies construction, but also greatly reduces the area of the protective coating and saves investment and maintenance costs.