Cutting method of seamless steel pipe

Keywords:seamless steel pipe cutting
The main methods of cutting the seamless steel pipe are cutting machine cutting, machine cutting, flame cutting, sawing, and the like. The characteristics of the pipe cutting equipment are as follows.
(1) Pipe cutting machine
The pipe cutting machine is simple in equipment, low in investment, and widely used, and some also have the function of the inverted groove and the automatic loading and unloading material and the collecting device. The pipe cutting machine is a commonly used equipment for seamless thick-walled steel pipe finishing production lines.

(2) Pipe saw
It can be divided into tube saws, band saws and circular saws and other forms. The pipe saw can cut a number of seamless thick-walled steel pipes in a row, which has high production efficiency, but the equipment structure is complex and the investment is high; the band saw and the circular saw have lower production efficiency and less investment. Circular saws are suitable for cutting seamless thick-walled steel pipes with small outer diameters, while band saws are used to cut seamless thick-walled steel pipes with large outer diameters.
(3) Flame cut
The flame cutting includes oxygen cutting, hydrogen-oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, etc., and the cutting method is suitable for cutting thick-walled steel pipes with extremely large pipe diameter and thick wall. When plasma cutting, the cutting speed is faster. Due to the high temperature at the time of flame cutting, there is a heat affected zone near the slit and the port surface is not smooth.

(4) Machine cutting
This cutting is inefficient and is generally used for sampling and sample preparation.
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