Galvanized insulated steel pipe

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Requirements of galvanized insulated steel pipe in construction:
1, Galvanized insulated steel pipe is used for gas and natural gas, long-distance transmission of high pressure pipeline.

2. Galvanizing in order to preserve corrosion, in the long-distance transportation, the pole protection testing station is generally set up at several tens of kilometers to 100 kilometers. The instrument in the station generates cathode electrons to fill the pipeline, and the galvanized surface is conducive to conductive rust. The pipe is charged uniformly.

3, In order to prevent the loss of cathode electrons in the pipeline, the galvanized pipe is filled with electric tannin (mixture of bitumen and quartz powder) and kraft paper, second oil two paper or three oil three papers before installation. After head welding, it should be treated equally. The insulation resistance should be not less than 0.5 Mn, and check if the pipe is punctured with low voltage 380V/220V.

4. On the side of the gas transmission pipeline, a distance of 50cm, a tens of meters of grounded galvanized l" pipe grounding tape shall be embedded in the same trench, and a galvanized iron tape shall be introduced into the testing station.

5. If the gas or natural gas leaks and breaks through the insulating layer under pressure, the electrons enter the land, return to the grounding zone and enter the detection instrument, and immediately reflect it from the instrument. The leak distance and the position of the pipe fault can be organized to repair the manpower.
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