24" erw steel pipe machine

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Ф610(24") erw steel pipe unit. This production line is the world’s first non-destructive testing technology with advanced forming technology, high-power welding, full-featured, double heat treatment of welds and full pipe heat treatment equipment, and a computerized material flow tracking system in the whole process. The integrated medium-diameter longitudinal welded pipe production equipment is one of the most advanced welded pipe production lines in the world. The main equipment is provided by the world’s most advanced longitudinal welded pipe equipment manufacturers such as German SMS and MEER, which can produce 300,000 tons of line pipe per year. , Casing, structural pipe (round pipe, rectangular pipe) and other longitudinally welded pipe products.

Raw material characteristics:
·Pure steel, stable chemical composition, stable performance of steel grade;
·High precision of coil size, good shape control and good surface quality of coil.

Online detection technology:
·Ultrasonic board detection: detect layered defects and longitudinal long defects, and configure defect tracking paint spraying device to ensure 100% detection, tracking and removal of sheet defects.
·On-line weld ultrasonic flaw detection: Weld longitudinal and longitudinal defect detection, heat-affected layer detection and internal burr height control, mainly used for production process control.
·On-line flattening test: take samples for flattening tests at 0° and 90° of the weld and the pressure direction to ensure the basic performance requirements of the weld.
·Hydraulic test: Provide compactness guarantee for the base material and weld of each steel pipe.
·Off-line ultrasonic flaw detection of welds: magnetic particle flaw detection of pipe ends and groove surfaces, manual ultrasonic flaw detection of pipe ends and finished product size inspection.

Product manufacturing process:
Converter steelmaking → out-of-furnace refining → continuous casting → hot rolling → uncoiling → strip steel flattening → head cutting → butt welding → spiral strip looper → edge washing → strip ultrasonic inspection → forming → high frequency welding → online welding Ultrasonic flaw detection → online weld heat treatment → air cooling, water cooling → sizing → flying saw segmentation (flattening test) → pipe end chamfering → hydraulic test → weld ultrasonic flaw detection → pipe end flaw detection → appearance size inspection → length measurement Heavy → marking → coating → packaging → leaving factory

Ф610(24") erw steel pipe has the characteristics of relatively simple process and rapid continuous production, and has a wide range of applications in civil construction, petrochemical, light industry and other sectors.

It is mostly used to transport low-pressure fluid or make various engineering components and light industrial products.

Ф610(24") erw steel pipe is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction and the skin effect, proximity effect and eddy current heating effect of the AC charge in the conductor, so that the steel at the edge of the weld is locally heated to a molten state, and the butt weld is extruded by the roller to achieve crystal indirection. so as to achieve the purpose of welding seam welding.

Ф610(24") erw steel pipe is a kind of induction welding. It does not require welding seam filler, no welding spatter, narrow welding heat affected zone, beautiful welding shape, and good welding mechanical properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of steel pipes.