How to weld the welded pipe unit

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Welded pipe unit welding process using open-book, pinch, straightening, shearing, orientation, butt welding, looper, to medium, the process can be described as complex and changeable.

welded pipe

Specific butt welding process is:
1, After the coil is well positioned, the left and right conical heads of the uncoiler can be inserted into the coil and rotate at the same time, the lead is sent to the nip roller, the roller of the nip roller is pressed down, the coil car and the magnet roller can be returned in situ.

2, In order to spring steel can accurately run in center, uncoiler before the operation of the overall axial movement + 150mm. After the uncoiler is started, the strip passes the pinch roller to the leveler equipped with the dedusting unit.

3, The straightening of the spring steel strip with a sliding hydraulic shears of the head and tail of the strip cut (strip head can be immediately slipped into the waste inside, the strip tail can be cut off with the output device to collect online Outside of the special container).
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