LSAW Pipe Expander

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The expander belongs to the lsaw steel pipe shaping equipment. It uses a cone expansion head to expand in the steel pipe to eliminate the forming pressure and welding stress of the steel pipe, and to ensure that the true diameter of the full length section of the lsaw steel pipe is uniform. The equipment consists of a trolley, a expander, a working sleeve, a fixed seat, a cylinder, a lubrication station, a stand, a hydraulic station, and an electronic control system. The expander is arranged in the trolley, and the expander is connected to the oil cylinder by the working sleeve, and the expander is composed of an expansion head, an expansion block, a guide plate, a drawbar and the like. A large-scale equipment that ensures the shape of the straight seam metal welded pipe and eliminates stress by the segmented mechanical expansion process.

The rinsed tube is sent to a rotating roller unit on the center line of the expansion machine. Using this rotating roller device, in conjunction with the camera system, the pipe weld is accurately rotated to the 12 o'clock position to ensure that the weld can enter the groove of the upper segment of the expansion tool during subsequent expansion. The lifting cone roller path raises the pipe to the center line of the expansion machine, and the position is controlled by a displacement sensor in the lifting hydraulic cylinder. The pinch trolley moves forward and is controlled by the metal detector to detect the end of the pipe and is stuck. At the same time, the signal is sent to start the pinch roller feeding roller, and the position is controlled by the encoder. During the running, the metal detector is arranged at the enlarged diameter end. The front end of the tube is tested to measure the position of the tube. The length of the pipe is combined with the enlarged diameter head to automatically calculate the optimum number of steps to expand. The jaws of the gripper can be rotated to avoid damaging the tube wall. During the advancement process, the height of the gripper is adjusted to compensate for the straightness deviation of the tube and to optimize the straightening effect of the expander.

The use of a mechanical expansion machine for diameter expansion of steel pipes has the following advantages: a steel pipe of constant inner diameter can be produced regardless of wall thickness and yield strength; mechanical expansion can expand walls, high yield strength and large diameter steel pipes, because only expanding a section of steel pipe; expanding the diameter of the short pipe without adjustment within the specified range; the mold on the mechanical expansion head can be adjusted to accommodate the expansion of the steel pipe of a certain range without having to replace the expansion die; producing large diameter steel pipe with high efficient. During the expansion, the steel pipe can be visually observed. If the steel pipe is broken, the expansion can be stopped immediately to prevent the crack from spreading. After the removal or repair, the diameter can be expanded. The end of the steel pipe is round and has a precise size. It will not be indented; adjustments can be made when the expansion mold is worn.
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