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Pipeline & Petrochemical

Petrochemical Project in HK

Project introduction: Steel pipes required to be used in Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical projects, specially those needed for the giant project of transferring Iran’s natura

Gas Pipeline in Bengal

Project introduction: The Gas pipeline will enter Jharkhand at Chouparan in Hazaribag district. It will pass through Barahi, Barachati, Girdih, Bokaro and Sindri before enteri

Line Pipe Project in Brazil

Project introduction: The project is responsible for refining crude oil, product processing and marketing, to provide products for domestic and international crude oil market,

Coastal Chemical in U.K

Project introduction: Coastal Chemical delivers a broad suite of chemicals, services, technical support and logistics for companies seeking cost savings through the efficient

Oil Transport in Brazil

Project introduction: The project is mainly focus on the oil transportation.the oil pipeline go through hill to one city of Brazil in order to smelter for a variety of purpose

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