What are the precautions for seamless steel tube production?

Keywords: seamless steel tube production
Precautions for seamless tube production:

1. Pay attention to whether the thickness of the capillary wall is uniform. If it is found that the thickness of the capillary wall is uneven, the surface polishing treatment must be performed. In addition, whether the inside and outside of the capillary tube is flat and there are no bumps and defects. Once the bumps or defects are found, it should be done in time out processing.

2. For the re-inspection of the capillary, the main work of the re-inspection is to ensure that there are no cracks and defects on the outside of the capillary, check the problems existing in the capillary and make corresponding elimination measures, and be sure to remove the pitting and folding inside the capillary.

3. It is a requirement for the tool. Generally, the tool used for cold drawing has a higher surface finish. Only when the surface finish of the tool is high, the finish of the cold drawn steel pipe will be higher. In addition, the dimensional accuracy and hardness of the mold are also relatively high. Yes. Therefore, it is also very important for us to choose a good abrasive tool in the production, and the phenomenon that the abrasive tool sticks to the steel must not occur.

The production process of seamless steel tube includes the following steps: material preparation - tube blank heating and skew rolling piercing - capillary trimming - thermal expansion deformation sizing - heat treatment - straightening - internal grinding - rectification - External grinding - flaw detection - finishing, final inspection and packaging.
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