ERW Steel Pipe Production Line

Keywords:erw steel pipe
The erw steel pipe production line is to form various metal pipe raw materials (plain carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.) through extrusion deformation and other means (round pipe, square pipe, special-shaped pipe, etc.), using resistance welding technology for welding, sizing the welded pipe through squeeze rollers (making various pipe diameters), and cutting the pipe to length (according to the required length) through a computer flying saw to obtain a complete set of metal pipe products Production equipment.

The complete erw steel pipe production line mainly includes: decoiler-strip leveling-shearing butt welding machine-material cage / storage looper-forming machine-welding machine-burr removal-sizing machine-flaw detection-flying saw cutting -Initial inspection-steel pipe straightening-pipe section processing-hydraulic test-flaw detection and so on.

The related equipment of the erw steel pipe production line is mainly CNC cabinets, including: high-frequency main cabinet, high-frequency inverter cabinet, speed control cabinet (also commonly known as "drag"), computer flying saw CNC machine (also called "computer flying saw Console") etc.