Smls pipe type

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Smls pipe type is as follows:

1. Cast steel refers to a kind of steel casting produced by casting method. Cast steel is mainly used to manufacture parts with complex shapes that are difficult to forge or cut and form, but require high strength and plasticity.

2. Forged steel refers to various forging materials and forgings produced by forging methods. The simple forged steel has a higher quality than cast steel and can withstand the impact of hitting. The plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are also Higher than cast steel parts, all important machine parts of petroleum should use forged steel parts.

3. Hot rolled steel refers to all kinds of hot rolled steel produced by the method of hot rolling. Most steel products are made by hot rolling. Hot rolling is commonly used to produce large steel products such as section steel, seamless steel tubes, steel plates, etc., and is also used to roll wire rods.

4. Cold rolled steel refers to all kinds of cold rolled steel produced by cold drawing method. Compared with hot-rolled steel, too much cold-rolled steel has a smooth surface and precise dimensions. The mechanical properties are good. Cold rolling is commonly used to roll thin plates, steel strips and seamless steel tubes.

5. Cold drawn steel refers to all kinds of cold drawn steel produced by the cold drawing method. The characteristics of cold drawn steel are: high precision and good surface quality. Cold drawing is mainly used to produce steel wire, but also used to produce round steel alloy hexagonal steel with a diameter of less than 50mm, and steel pipes with a diameter of less than 76mm.
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