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Flange gaskets are used in pipe flange connections. They are seals between two flanges. The medium, pressure and temperature directly influence the selection of flange gaskets. A wide variety of gaskets are often used for flange connections, which helps to improve the seal at the joint.

Generally, the types of gaskets include graphite gaskets, metal gaskets, asbestos rubber gaskets, etc. Three different types of flange gaskets are also used in different characteristics. Here are three types of stainless steel flange gaskets. Types and characteristics.

Metal gasket
The tooth form is to machine the bevel tooth corrugation on the metal flat gasket sealing surface - suitable for the concave and convex flange sealing surface; the octagonal and elliptical cushion - suitable for the trapezoidal groove flange sealing surface; the lens pad - Metal gaskets for lenticular flange sealing surfaces are available in various materials such as pure iron, very mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The sealing surface has high processing precision and surface roughness, and the bolt pressing force is very large. It is used in high temperature and high pressure valves. The metal coated graphite gasket is made of thin metal coated ring asbestos gasket. Generally used in the concave and convex flange sealing surface. Suitable for valves with higher temperatures and pressures.

Asbestos rubber gasket
Asbestos rubber gaskets are used in higher temperature medium pressure valves for smooth flange seal faces, embossed flange seal faces and gutter flange seal faces.

The advantages are better corrosion resistance and thermal stability, good plasticity, and sealing with a small pressing force. The disadvantage is that the strength is low and it is easy to stick to the flange sealing surface. Asbestos rubber gaskets are versatile asbestos sheets and anti-corrosion asbestos sheets. They are generally made of asbestos sheets, acid-resistant asbestos sheets, oil-resistant asbestos sheets, and metal wire asbestos sheets.

Graphite gasket
Graphite gaskets are flat gaskets made of soft graphite for high temperature, highly corrosive media. It is used for the grooved sealing surface. It is mainly made of PTFE and glass fiber PTFE. It is used in strong corrosive media with various pressures at lower temperatures. Teflon gaskets and so on.

It should be emphasized here that the flange gasket helps to act as a buffer at the joint, which can effectively avoid direct contact of the steel plate and prolong the service life of the flange.
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