X70 steel

Keywords:X70 steel
X70 is pipeline steel.

Pipeline steel refers to a kind of steel with special requirements for transporting oil, natural gas and other pipelines. It can be produced by hot rolling mill, furnace rolling mill or plate mill according to thickness and subsequent formation. Spiral welding or UOE straight seam welding to form large diameter steel pipes.

X stands for pipeline steel in the API standard, 70 is the strength level, and its unit is kpsi.X70 represents the pipeline steel with a minimum yield strength of 70kpsi.

1.Mechanical properties:
Non-proportional extension strength RP0.2 (MPa): 485-605
Tensile strength RM(): ≥570
Elongation A (%): ≥ 18

2. Chemical analysis
C: ≤ 0.16
Si: ≤ 0.45
Mn: ≤ 1.70
P: ≤0.020
S: ≤0.010
V: ≤ 0.06
Nb: ≤ 0.05
Ti: ≤0.06

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