Steel pipe for Pile

Keywords:large diameter pile pipe
In recent years, the offshore deep-water wharf project has also been constructed on a large scale in the coastal areas of China. As a pile foundation for the main bearing capacity of deep-water wharfs, spiral-welded large-diameter steel pipe piles are commonly used. In addition, repairing bridges, road repairs, high-rise buildings, etc. Piling pipes are required. The diameter of the pile pipe is getting larger and larger, and the pile pipe has the largest diameter pile pipe which has been produced to 3620mm and is widely used in coastal areas, rivers and lakes.

Standard: ASTM A252
Outer diameter: 219-3620mm.
Wall thickness: 6-25mm.
Length: 8.0---12m

Appearance quality:
There shall be no defects such as cracks, arc breaks, craters and pores on the surface of the welded steel pipe. The welds with the above defects may be repaired and the defects may be repaired or repaired. Steel pipe is allowed to be welded on the steel pipe. The steel pipe is allowed to be joined by two pipe segments. The butt welding can be carried out by submerged arc welding or manual welding.
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