Precision hydraulic seamless steel pipe

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Precision hydraulic seamless steel pipe made by precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe treated by black or gray phosphating process and sealing and anti-rust treatment of phosphating steel pipe.

The inner and outer surfaces of the precision hydraulic seamless steel pipe form a dense phosphating layer, which is effectively prevented from oxidation by the anti-rust treatment. Therefore, the anti-rust performance of the steel pipe is excellent, and the microporous phosphating film formed by the phosphating of the steel pipe surface (layer ), it can strongly adsorb the paint on the surface of the steel pipe, effectively preventing the paint from falling off, and is an ideal product for use in the field work environment.

The steel pipes used in the hydraulic system are mainly stainless steel seamless pipes and ordinary seamless steel pipes. Although the stainless steel seamless pipes have superior mechanical properties, they are not widely used due to their high price and low precision. While ordinary seamless steel pipes are commonly used, their mechanical properties are poor and their precision is low. Before use, they usually go through a series of welding, fitting, pickling, caustic washing, water washing, long-term oiling, leak testing, and processes. Complex, time-consuming, unreliable materials, and the inability to completely remove the residue in the pipe has become a major hazard for the entire hydraulic system to fail at any time. According to statistics, 70% of the faults in the hydraulic system are caused by this reason.

The DIN2391 series of high-precision precision bright seamless steel tubes are special tubes for hydraulic systems. It has the following six advantages:
1.The inner and outer walls of the steel pipe have no oxide layer and can be directly installed in the hydraulic system.
2.Withstand high pressure without leakage.
3.High precision.
4.High gloss.
5.Cold bending does not deform.
6.Flaring, flattening without crack.
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