Seamless pipe nipple

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Seamless pipe nipple are available in the following forms:

Weld type: The end of the pipe is machined to the groove, and the pipe is welded by hand or by automatic welding. Compression type: the pipe is inserted into the pipe mouth of the pipe, and is fastened by a nut. The casing of the pipe mouth is compressed by a sealing force by a screw force to seal the pipe and complete the connection of the pipe.

Compression type: The pipe is inserted into the pipe and the pipe wall is pressed into a hexagon by a special installation tool, and the inner seal ring is also formed into a hexagon. Flange type: The flange and the pipe are made of annular argon arc welding, and fastened with a quick clamp or bolt to seal the gasket between the flanges to complete the piping connection.

Taper thread type: the external thread and the pipe are used for annular argon arc welding, and the internal thread pipe fittings are sealed by taper thread connection to complete the pipe connection.
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