Squeeze roll impact on high-frequency welded steel pipe scratches

Keywords:high-frequency welded steel pipe
In addition to scratches on the surface of the high-frequency welded steel pipe caused by the guide rollers, there is also a scratch caused by the squeezing roller. This type of scratch occurs mainly at the bottom of the tube. There are roughly three reasons for this, as follows:

First, the hole type does not match
Caused by high-frequency welded steel pipe surface scratches and holes are not consistent with the factors:
1 Squeeze roller bearing damage;
2 squeeze roller axial turbulence;
3 Squeeze roll hole size is not the same;
4 The height of the two squeeze rollers is different;
54 extrusion roller shaft bending and assembly instability.
Second, the squeeze roller height does not match
The lower edge of the squeezing roll pattern should correspond to the height of the rolling line, and the height of the guide roll is determined by the wall thickness of the tube. If the guide roller is too low, the rounded corners of the squeeze roller hole will scratch the bottom of the pipe.
Third, the squeeze roller on the lack of pressure
Especially for the two-roller extrusion roller device, when the upper extrusion force is insufficient, under the effect of the tension of the steel pipe, the roller axis will have an elevation angle, so that the hole edge R rounds out, resulting in scratches on the lower part of the steel pipe. When the squeezing roll pattern R corner is sharpened, it will increase scratches.
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