Characteristics of Welded Steel Tube Slag

Keywords:Characteristics of Welded Steel Tube Slag
Welded steel pipe slag is residual slag inside the weld. From the theoretical analysis, submerged arc welding seam slag generated mainly due to the following three reasons: ① raw materials (including base metal, wire, flux) in the inclusion of more; ② multi-layer welding clean up when the inter-layer; ③ improper selection of welding process parameters is not conducive to the emergence of slag.

According to the production characteristics of straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipe, it can be ruled out that the interlayer cleaning is not clean when the multi-layer welding is done and the slag is generated.

For the inclusions in raw materials and make the weld slag, straight seam steel pipe company to take the pre-test test base metal, replacement of new welding wire and flux and other measures, weld fusion line slag generated only a slight reduction in the proportion, Indicating that inclusions in the raw materials are not the main causes of slag formation.

Therefore, thick-walled LSAW steel pipe welding line slag generated mainly due to improper selection of welding process parameters. The welding parameters of thick-walled submerged arc welded pipe are: line energy, welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, wire spacing, groove size.
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