X-ray Inspection Operate of Wall Thickness SSAW Steel Pipe

Keywords:X-ray Inspection Operate of Wall Thickness SSAW Steel Pipe
X-ray inspection operate of wall thickness ssaw steel pipe are following below:
1, X-ray machine operator must hold a certificate of professional ray detection, and become familiar with the machine's performance.
2, When the device library, the instrument should be carefully examined to ensure that no problem, various components are complete, especially signs, safety rope, dosimeter, dosage and other chapter. At the end of the work, should be put away these items, with the x-ray machine back to the warehouse together.
3, Testing before the job starts, should do security work. Radiation danger zone in one way or another border guard rope; placing "ionizing radiation danger" signs on the main channel entrance, radiology and radiation time positions subject to the approval of the construction site managers, construction site managers should take notice of other non-effective method Radiation Radiation evacuate danger area.
4, X-ray machine before switching on the shell should be properly grounded, and check the power voltage and the x-ray machine to match the voltage before transmission.
5, The work process, workers should carry ray radiation alarm and wearing dose chapter.
6, Before approaching the high-voltage generator, make sure that the high pressure has been cut off, make sure radiation has been terminated, before approaching the high voltage generator.
7, In case of failure, whether it is radiation accident or equipment failure, should immediately cut off the pressure, promptly notify the person in charge of the company, the company responsible for judgment, take appropriate action.
8, Equipment back to the library, you should fill out the x-ray machine records.
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