The Causes of Errors Spiral Steel Pipe

Spiral steel pipe production at the wrong side have occurred, many influencing factors in the production practice, often by a dry wrong side super differential leaving the steel pipe downgrade. Reason and Preventive Measures therefore Spiral Pipe wrong side analysis is generated Necessary.
1. Edge strip poor health is another important reason for the wrong side.
2. Because the poor are not trimming the strip head and tail shape and size precision, easy to cause docking strip hard bend caused by the wrong side.
3. When the strip head and tail docking welding weld reinforcement larger when overmolding if not handled properly, likely to cause greater wrong side.
4. The camber of the strip is the most important factor causing the wrong side of the pipe in the spiral welded pipe forming, the strip camber angle will constantly change shape, leading to changes in the weld gap, resulting in open seam, wrong side or even take side. seriously affected the quality of the steel, so the observation strip coil-camber situations after, by controlling the vertical roll of the continuous control and corrective disc shears can cut and molding department camber angle is to reduce the production of steel in the process effective way to produce the wrong side of the camber.
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