Single-sided welding double-sided forming

Keywords:single-sided welding
Single-sided welding double-sided forming is to weld on one side, and the other side of the weld can also be formed well. It is often used in the welding of pipes, and the inside can no longer be welded. The single-sided welding has double-sided forming with continuous arc welding and arc welding. The single-sided welding double-sided forming operation technology is a kind of operation method which can be obtained by using a common welding rod and a special operation method on the front side of the groove and ensuring the front and back sides of the groove after welding.

Generally, a good welder can make double-sided molding, but the technique of double-sided molding is not easy to master, and requires considerable experience and comprehension ability, so the single-sided welding double-sided forming technology is rarely used unless it is forced to They are replaced by argon arc welding. Single-sided welding of the double-sided forming root-welding layer is not only prone to slag inclusion, but also prone to unfusion, the most prone to be welded.

The method and skill of two common welding methods for single-sided welding double-sided forming continuous arc welding and arc breaking welding.

1. Techniques of arc welding method is a kind of single-sided welding which controls the shape of the molten pool, the temperature of the molten pool and the thickness of the liquid metal in the molten pool by controlling the time of continuous burning and arc extinguishing of the arc and the movement of the arc. Double-sided forming technology.

2, The method of continuous arc welding method is the arc welding method is continuous burning of the arc during the welding process, does not extinguish, take a small groove blunt edge clearance, select a smaller welding current, always maintain a short arc continuous welding Single-sided welding double-sided forming technology.