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Sindico Wastewater Project in New Zealand

Project introduction:in water and wastewater treatment throughout New Zealand. Offer a range of technologies and equipment. Project S

Das Wastewater Treatment Project in Argentina

Project introduction:wastewater treatment solutions for industrial applications, such as, the food and beverage industry. Based in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, our

Wastewater Treatment Italy Project

Project introduction:the design and construction of plants, equipment and process machines for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, water intake from sea,

Indaqua Water Project in Portugal

Project introduction:Created to operate, essentially within the municipal concessions and public-private partnerships (PPPs), the Indaqua represents a clear bet in the environ

Britannic Water Treatment Company W.L.L.in Qatar

Project introduction:is known to treat any kind of water such as sea water , bore well/brackish water, Municipal water, grey water, sewage water, industrial effluents etc..&nb

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